Bi-lingual: Balancing Hip-Hop & The Church (#GodLovesHipHop #4)

Here we go again with the 4th installation in the God Loves Hip-Hop discussion series.  We’re gonna continue our series next month and every third Thursday until November so stay tuned for more conversations. Be sure to keep the feed going on twitter #GodLovesHipHop

No More Cheesecake (Reflections on the George Zimmerman Verdict)

We got home late after a really long day of ministry. I was kinda zoned out and only thinking about one thing…relaxation. I was sitting on the couch with my son watching the movie Antz while we shared a leftover piece of cheesecake. He begged for a piece, and I gave a him a sharp, […]

Why God Loves Hip-Hop: Roundtable Discussion

Here it is, the 3rd conversation in the God Loves Hip-Hop discussion series. We’ve decided to extend the series with monthly Google Hangouts  so stay tuned for more conversations. Be sure to keep to the feed going on twitter #GodLovesHipHop.

Why Hip-Hop Needs Us – Roundtable Discussion

Here’s the 2nd installment in the  God Loves Hip-Hop discussion series. Join us next week for the 3rd conversation: Why God Loves Hip-Hop. Also, be sure to join in the discussion on twitter:  #GodLovesHipHop

Why We Need Hip-Hop: Roundtable Discussion

Here’s the first installment in the God Loves Hip-Hop discussion series. Join us next week for the next discussion: Why Hip-Hop Needs Us.  Also, be sure to join in the discussion on twitter:  #GodLovesHipHop

Science In the Language of Hip-Hop

Dr. Chris Emdin is Assoc. Professor at Columbia Univ. Teacher’s College. Tonight I spent a few hours listening to a keynote speech by an amazingly gifted young scholar. Dr. Christopher Emdin is a sort of pioneer in the area of science education in that he uses Hip-Hop as a medium through which the students might […]

Why We Need Hip Hop (Pt. 2)

E.L. Jones Jr. is a Pastor, DJ, film producer and so much more. Here it is, the second installment in the “Why We Need Hip-Hop” series. This week we have none other than E. L. Jones Jr. AKA Pastor J. He holds a Master of Divinity degree from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary and has ministered […]

Hip-Hop’s Universal Appeal

So a little while ago we talked about Hip-Hop and marketing. In the post I mentioned a movie trailer that I had seen, that had “Everyday I’m Hustlin” boomin in it. I wasn’t really paying attention to the commercial because it was one of those movies that didn’t interest me, but that beat always commands […]

Why We Need Hip-Hop (Pt. 1)

Meade Adams is a pastor, author, poet, and music lover who hails from our nations capitol. We’re glad to introduce a new series entitled “Why We need Hip-Hop.” In this First installment we are blessed to sit at the feet of a gifted young author, Pastor Meade Adams. Meade is the Youth and Young Adult Pastor at […]