Why God Loves Hip-Hop (Pt. 1)

I’m amped and excited because we’re adding a new piece to the God Loves Hip-Hop Series. You’ve already been following the Why We Need Hip-Hop series. Well now we begin a series of posts about Why God Loves Hip-Hop. And this first post “God Loves the World” is from a good friend of mine, Kurtley […]

Bi-lingual: Balancing Hip-Hop & The Church (#GodLovesHipHop #4)

Here we go again with the 4th installation in the God Loves Hip-Hop discussion series.  We’re gonna continue our series next month and every third Thursday until November so stay tuned for more conversations. Be sure to keep the feed going on twitter #GodLovesHipHop

Why We Need Hip-Hop: Roundtable Discussion

Here’s the first installment in the God Loves Hip-Hop discussion series. Join us next week for the next discussion: Why Hip-Hop Needs Us.  Also, be sure to join in the discussion on twitter:  #GodLovesHipHop