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    Whether he’s writing or speaking, Christopher Thompson is worth your time. That’s because he is a critical thinker who understands the artistic beauty and divine power of words. And he takes seriously the responsibility of using his thoughts and words to make the world a better place, to help people improve their lives. Chris is the real deal. I’ve been impressed with him since the first day I met him. You will be short-changing yourself and your organization if you don’t hire him to speak, write or consult for you. And if you’re like me, when Chris publishes an article, you’ll make time to read it.

    • David Person, media personality & consultant

    Over the last 10 years the Pastoral Evangelism and Leadership Council has experienced impressive growth. A huge factor was the work of our former Communications Director, Dr. Chris Thompson. Teacher. Writer. Photographer. Organizer. Thinker. He’s the real deal.

    • Dr. Jesse Wilson, Director, Bradford Cleveland Brooks Leadership Center; Associate Professor, Oakwood University


    I knew the first time I met Christopher Thompson that he was uncommonly insightful about cultural trends, particularly those affecting the African-American community, but stretching well beyond that to the way Americanism and Adventism interact. Christopher remains one of my favorite Adventist writers, and I want to her his voice echoing louder and farther across the Christian landscape.

    • Dr. Loren Seibold, Editor, Adventist Today

    Dr. Christopher C. Thompson is the industry standard, while continually pushing the cognitive envelope  when it comes to his writing contributions.  He has energy, relevance, forward-thinking and gives you cause to challenge your personal belief system to become a better leader in all fields.  He goes beyond the surface and truly helps his readers gain a true understanding of self as it relates to the topic at hand.

    • Audree Johnson, General Manager, WJOU Radio

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