Adventism and US

I’m grateful to have partnered with my friend and colleague Dawnette Chambers to write this piece as an explication and cultural critique of my own denomination as it relates to the new Us film.

Compliant or Complicit

While we should always be strategic and wise, yet it is essential to learn how to raise your voice and speak truth to power.

Black Panther, Black History, Black Power

Black Panther harkens back to the best of Black History. It reminds us that history began long before chattel slavery. Before there were slave ships and whips ripping open the skin on the backs of resistant slaves, black people were building great civilizations and institutions. 

Sacred and Secular in Conflict Pt. 2

Whenever you find yourself on “Satan’s territory” just remember that God owns the land. Satan pays rent. I believe that in secular music, we can see artists wrestling with some of life’s most profoundly complex questions. We see them seeking the answers to life, death, social ills, fame, fortune, brokenness, loneliness and more. This is sacred territory.

Sacred and Secular in Conflict

God operates in the gray areas…or does he refuse to get his hands dirty? Should we avoid all forms of secular media, or do these spaces simply provide additional spaces for us to work out our faith and engage with others in the public square?

This Baby Born for Violence

This precious little baby boy was born for violence. He was born to be the light of the world, the bread of life, living water, the great physician, the magnanimous miracle worker, a sagacious teacher and so much more. But beyond and before all of that, he was born for violence. 

Life in the Terrordome

There’s a young black brotha I follow online quite a bit. His views are often controversial, but he’s an insightful brotha. I like him. He asked a question on Facebook that I understood to be rhetorical. Yet, it sparked an interesting conversation. He asked (though not in these exact terms), what exactly do you as a black person want from America? I assumed he meant white America specifically. I followed the thread a bit, but I didn’t respond…

Making Adventism Great Again

God has said that he “is always on the side of the oppressed” and that he “sets the captives free.” Oppression, in all of its forms, is an affront to God, and a repudiation and reversion of the gospel.

They Would Not Die

“But the more they were oppressed, the more they multiplied and spread; so the Egyptians came to dread the Israelites and worked them ruthlessly.” -Exodus 1:13-14 I have always been enthralled by the story of the exodus. I think my favorite part is when God says to Moses, “I have seen, I have seen, the oppression […]

The Miseducation of Little Christopher

About a month ago, I publicly asked for prayer from my family and friends on Facebook. Here’s the full, factual story behind that request. Student push-out in schools is REAL, and we must fight against it.