Why God Loves Hip-Hop (Pt. 2)

I’m excited about this newest piece in the God Loves Hip-Hop series. Just a few weeks ago we started talking about Why God Loves Hip-Hop. We continue along that same vein as we explore God’s love for the artistic gift with this piece from the gifted Dr. Andrea Trusty-King.  Along with a Master of Divinity degree from […]

Why God Loves Hip-Hop (Pt. 1)

I’m amped and excited because we’re adding a new piece to the God Loves Hip-Hop Series. You’ve already been following the Why We Need Hip-Hop series. Well now we begin a series of posts about Why God Loves Hip-Hop. And this first post “God Loves the World” is from a good friend of mine, Kurtley […]

Why God Loves Hip-Hop: Roundtable Discussion

Here it is, the 3rd conversation in the God Loves Hip-Hop discussion series. We’ve decided to extend the series with monthly Google Hangouts  so stay tuned for more conversations. Be sure to keep to the feed going on twitter #GodLovesHipHop.