God Loves Hip-Hop – The Book

        People Keep asking me about it so here it is…We’re practically working around the clock to bring you all of the great pieces that you’ve seen in the God Loves Hip-Hop series and more in one volume. Putting together a project of this magnitude always comes with some challenges so lift […]

Why God Loves Hip-Hop (Pt. 2)

I’m excited about this newest piece in the God Loves Hip-Hop series. Just a few weeks ago we started talking about Why God Loves Hip-Hop. We continue along that same vein as we explore God’s love for the artistic gift with this piece from the gifted Dr. Andrea Trusty-King.  Along with a Master of Divinity degree from […]

Ministering in Hip-Hop Culture (Panel Discussion)

Here’s the highly anticipated #GodLovesHipHop discussion number 6. In this conversation we feature long-time rap artists, DJs, and producers who demonstrate deep commitment to  Hip-Hop through their artistry, as well as to the church because they perform with the intent to edify and expand the Kingdom of God. Please use the hashtag #GodLovesHipHop for twitter feedback […]

Why God Loves Hip-Hop (Pt. 1)

I’m amped and excited because we’re adding a new piece to the God Loves Hip-Hop Series. You’ve already been following the Why We Need Hip-Hop series. Well now we begin a series of posts about Why God Loves Hip-Hop. And this first post “God Loves the World” is from a good friend of mine, Kurtley […]

Why We Need Hip-Hop (Pt. 4)

Here we go again with another piece in the God Loves Hip-Hop series. We are happy to have Dr. Delroy Brooks to add his expertise to our conversation. Dr. Brooks holds degrees from Oakwood University, Andrews University, and Fuller Theological Seminary. As a missiology specialist he demonstrates special commitment to evangelizing youth. He currently pastors […]

Hip-Hop and Homiletics (God Loves Hip-Hop #5)

Here’s the 5th installation in the God Loves Hip-Hop series. Be on the lookout for the next conversation in the series. Remember every third Thursday. And be sure to keep the convo going with the hashtag on twitter #GodLovesHipHop. Also, be on the lookout for the book: God Loves Hip-Hop. 

Of Trains and Tragedies (Reflections on Fruitvale Station)

It would probably be impossible for me to go to bed after what I just saw. Technically, I shouldn’t even be writing this considering the fact that we are on vacation. We drove down to South Florida at the start of the weekend to see my grandma and the rest of the fam. Among a […]

Racism, Resentment, and Renewal

I’m not sure if I ever made an official announcement, but I’m back in school in pursuit of a doctoral degree (specifically a DMin. – Doctor of Ministry), and as is made glaringly apparent by the nature of this blog, my research interest/focus is ministry to Hip-Hop culture. One of my recent courses was in […]

Why We Need Hip-Hop (Pt. 3)

I am proud to present the long-awaited third installment in the Why We Need Hip-Hop series. This time we welcome guest columnist, Lester R. Collins Jr. Lester is originally from St. Paul, MN. As a child, he spent his summers in the projects of N. Philly. He attended Morehouse College and graduated from Oakwood University […]