Everyone Needs Good Coaching

I started playing basketball seriously when I was in elementary school. I had recently moved to a new neighborhood, new school and make new friends. I noticed that all the kids in my new neighborhood were serious ball players. I wanted to fit in so I wanted to play ball too. That’s when I started going to the Boys and Girls Club and met my very first basketball coach; Mr. Keith Alston. This man taught me the fundamentals of the game of basketball. Mr. Keith preached the gospel of the fundamentals of ball handling, passing, shooting and conditioning. As I got older, I became a quality ball player because of the strong foundation I got from Mr. Keith.

Everyone needs a good coach. Whether it’s writing a book, rebranding your organization, developing a quality social media strategy or some other skill, I love coaching leaders to help them share quality messages to various audiences. This space is designed to share with you the tips, tools and strategies that I’ve picked up along the way. This is my gym. When you walk in you’re gonna gain some skills. I’m glad you’re here. Let’s build.

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