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Choose to Dream:
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Advance Praise for
Choose to Dream

“When you read this book, prepare to be transformed. It will help alter and shape you into the best version of yourself.”

Wintley Phipps, Founder & CEO, US Dream Academy


“It’s not often that you come across a leadership book that says something you haven’t heard before. However, Dr. Thompson skillfully and personally reminds us of timeless leadership principles in a fresh and relevant way. I can truly say I have never read a leadership book like this before. It is personal, practical, and powerful. If you aren’t interested in growing as a leader, don’t read this book. If you are, milk every single word of it. Game changer!”

Dr. Myron Edmonds, Founder & CEO, Myron Edmonds Leadership Group


“Dr. Christopher Thompson’s book is captivating and inspiring! It’s a must-read for anyone ready to get out of their own way, and start achieving their dreams.”

Dr. Alexia Harrigan, Cofounder, The Y.C.L.N. Co.


“I work with leaders every day, and I am well aware of the challenges that they are facing, and the reasons why they come up short. Retooling is essential. With the need for key tools in mind, this is required reading for any young leader.”

Dr. Jesse Wilson, Director, Bradford Cleveland Brooks Leadership Center


We sometimes think we are so familiar with Bible stories already that there isn’t more to glean. Dr. Thompson explores the life of Joseph from a fresh perspective. This intriguing look into the life and interpersonal relationships of a well-known Biblical figure provides food for thought to apply to our own lives in the 21st century. Engaging and insightful, Choose to Dream will motivate you in your Christian walk.

Dr. Courtney Ray, Assistant Professor, CUNY Brooklyn College 


“Dr. Thompson has one of those ultra-creative minds that is able to see complex ideas from a unique perspective. Here, in Choose to Dream, he’s pulled out all the stops with creativity and depth of insight to help us grow. I needed this book twenty years ago.”

Kymone Hinds, Business Coach, Ideas to Life LLC


“This book is a godsend to anyone on a quest for personal or professional resilience. In this book, Dr. Christopher Thompson uses time-tested wisdom combined with spiritual insight to assist the reader in achieving dreams, hopes, and aspirations. This book will help you break emotional glass ceilings that have kept you bound in mediocrity. I wish I had this book when I began my career.”

Dr. Juleun A. Johnson, Director of Mission and Ministry, AdventHealth


“If you are a young person that is looking for practical advice that will help you to move quickly, but wisely around your leadership development curve, this is the book for you. Dr. Thompson has done a masterful job of mining practical leadership insights from the biblical story of Joseph for you to be able to apply to your life. This is a must-read for any young person looking to level up their leadership.” 

Dr. Sydney Freeman, Jr., President and Founder, The Liberation Movement, Inc.


“Dr. Thompson has given real life practical applications to leaders in his book Choose to Dream. Whether your leadership role is in the public or private sector, you will gain intellectual and spiritual strength to not be afraid to pursue your dreams!”

Robert Patterson, Jr., CEO, CPR Business Services, LLC

“Choose To Dream is a book about dreams and choices; to consider them as equally important partners in how they shape the trajectories of our lives. Using the life of Joseph as a backdrop and weaving in personal narratives, Dr. Thompson encourages the reader through exercises of self-reflection and truth-telling, all while guiding the reader to a shift in perspective on who holds the real key to your healing. I highly recommend this book for anyone who has wrestled with their past on their road to purpose.”

Dr. Quantrilla Ard, Author & Speaker, The PhD Mamma


“I have tracked Dr. Thompson’s growth as a leader and a writer from the very beginning; from his very first book until now. This is his best work yet! With his sharp intellect, he sees what others miss; with his clear writing style, you can’t miss understanding what he’s seen. Read all of it. It will cause you to shift. Guaranteed!”

Dr. James R. Doggette, Senior Pastor, Patmos Chapel


“Leadership has been my profession for over 20 years, and we often use impact factors called experientials, which means we help clients to learn from experience, both their own and those of others. Choose to Dream helps readers to do just that.

Dr. Christopher Thompson captures the reader with his own stories as a leader and stories from the greatest book ever written to make an impact on you as a reader!

The engaging anecdotes are entertaining and readable but interwoven with valuable lessons that will both challenge you and move you from being just a leader to becoming an excellent leader. This book is packed with valuable and important lessons for leaders of all levels.”

Dr. Darryl Spivey, Manager, Leadership Solutions Partner Team, 

Center for Creative Leadership


“Why another leadership book? Because Dr. Thompson has done a lot of the homework for you. He shares both his successes and challenges in living up to his own advice. It’s easy to read, practical, and relatable to young adults.”

Carl McRoy, Literature Ministries Director, North American Division of SDA


“Dr. Christopher C. Thompson is a profound author, mentor and speaker. He specializes in developing leaders across generations.  In his newest book “Choose to Dream”, Dr. Thompson walks us through his leadership journey while simultaneously providing us with wisdom for successfully living our best lives in Christ.”

Dr. Chrystal M. Woodard, Founder/CEO, Chrystal Clear Consulting


“Dr. Chris Thompson has done a skillful job at using one of the greatest stories ever to communicate fresh and relevant ways to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. This book is a blueprint for making your dreams a reality. If you’re ready to get out of your own way and get to the life you’ve always wanted, then Choose to Dream is just for you. I highly recommend it!”

Taurus Montgomery, Lead Pastor, Harbor of Hope SDA Church


“When one considers the state of our world, one must conclude that we have a leadership vacuum. Dr. Thompson, however, has provided us with some necessary tools to address this challenge, along with secrets for developing good leaders. This is a must-read book!”

Dr. Carlton P. Byrd, Speaker/Director, Breath of Life TV