Dr. Christopher C. Thompson

Christopher Charles Thompson is a gifted communicator, communication strategist, and growth resource developer. Through writing, teaching and speaking, he inspires and equips young and old alike to higher heights of organizational, spiritual and personal growth. 

He received his undergraduate training at Southern Adventist University and Oakwood University in Elementary Education and Theology. He then received graduate training at Oakwood University, and doctoral studies at United Theological Seminary. His research explores mentoring and personal growth as well as strategies for helping faith communities communicate effectively with Hip-Hop culture. Along with his formal training, he brings a passion for helping people and organizations grow quantitatively as well as qualitatively. 

He has served and taught in South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Pennsylvania and Ohio. He has also served as Communication Chairperson for the Pastoral Evangelism and Leadership Conference as well as Communication Director of the Southeastern Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Most recently, he served as the Communication and Marketing Director for Breath of Life Television broadcast. He currently serves as Adjunct Professor at Oakwood University, as well as host of the Oakwood University Radio program, Sunset to Sunset.

He is a community developer and co-founder of the Great Grand Family Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation, which focuses on promoting education, health and wellness, and community building for at-risk youth and seniors. Dr. Thompson also serves as a Language Arts Instructor for a local juvenile detention center, where he helps juvenile offenders finish school while they are incarcerated.

He is also an author, having written numerous articles for various publications as well as six books, My Savior and My Lord, 360º Christian, Training Days, Stop the Violence, Free and Gone (both Free and Gone, co-authored with Dr. Carlton P. Byrd). He also wrote and produced a documentary entitled Good Grief to help people cope with traumatic experiences. Most recently, Dr. Thompson has released a seventh book entitled, Choose to Dream: Lessons on Leadership and Living your Best Life.

He is an avid reader and athlete. He enjoys running, cycling, tennis, and most of all basketball. He is a proud finisher of the Pittsburgh Marathon (3 hours 55 minutes and 55 seconds), and the Columbus Marathon (3 hours 41 minutes and 09 seconds). His big dream is to one day complete the Ironman Triathlon.

He is happily married to the former Tracy Harris (16 years), and together they have one son Christopher Charles II (age 12). They are both proud members of the “one-and-done club.”

Personal Mission Statement

To help people grow

Personal Vision Statement

I am writing, teaching, and developing resources to equip people for growth and growing others.